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Daystar Energy Optimises Employee Performance and Supply Chain Management  

Customer Name:

Daystar Energy Solutions  



Business Problem:

Inefficient Operations and service delivery 

Commercial Impact:

Improved customer satisfaction/ Employee Performance

Social Impact:

Sustainable Energy Delivery 

Deal Size:


Microsoft Solution:

Dynamics 365 Business Central, Sales and Customer Service 

Microsoft Partner:

Cloudware Africa

Prominent in the sustainable energy sector and operating across seven African countries, Daystar Energy recognized the pressing need to bolster its operational efficiency, refine its supply chain management, and elevate its customer service capabilities. To address these challenges, the company turned to cloud technology for innovative solutions. 
By integrating Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central, Dynamics 365 Sales, and Customer Service, the organization was able to streamline its operations across crucial departments. This included Human Resources, where the company optimized employee management; Project Management, where it enhanced project oversight and execution; Finance, where financial processes were streamlined; and Supply Chain Management, where inventory and procurement processes were improved. Such integration led to more efficient workflows and a more cohesive operational structure.
This strategic adoption of a comprehensive Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solution significantly transformed Daystar Energy’s entire operational framework. The company was empowered to improve lead nurturing, enhance customer engagement strategies, and achieve more favorable deal outcomes. The enhanced capabilities in customer service and sales allowed for better communication with clients and a more personalized approach to meeting their needs, ultimately contributing to increased customer satisfaction and loyalty.

The Business Problem

Daystar Power Energy’s expansion to seven African countries demanded a restructuring of its operational model to effectively scale and cater to customers’ needs across diverse geographical locations. This growth presented new challenges that required a comprehensive solution approach. 
To offer clean and sustainable energy solutions to its African customers, Daystar Power collaborates with leading suppliers of solar panels, inverters, and batteries. However, the company faced delays in the delivery of these essential materials, impacting the timely completion of customer projects. By implementing Dynamics 365 Business Central, the energy provider automated the planning and delivery schedules of solar materials. This automation eliminated low inventory issues and improved project execution efficiency. 
The energy company also needed to design personalized marketing journeys for its widely dispersed audience. This required attracting, nurturing, and converting the targeted audience effectively. Dynamics 365 Sales solution was employed to identify and map strategic paths for customer engagements, which significantly shortened the deal cycle and improved sales efficiency.
With an expanding customer base, it became crucial to relieve the team from cumbersome and repetitive tasks, enabling them to focus on core business activities. Leveraging Dynamics 365 Business Central, Daystar Power automated routine activities across various workforce units, including human resource management, leading to increased productivity and efficiency. 
Implemented robust tracking mechanisms to monitor approval delays and pending actions, coupled with automated reminders through Power Automate, ensuring timely responses and streamlined workflows. 

Solution Deployed

To address the identified business challenges, a combination of cloud technologies was recommended to provide a robust and long-term solution that could cater to both enterprise resource planning and customer relationship management requirements for Daystar Power.
For managing energy projects, and financials, and collaborating with contractors and project owners, Dynamics 365 Business Central was implemented as a comprehensive one-cloud platform. This platform offers 360-degree coverage of Daystar’s end-to-end operations. With this solution, the organization can efficiently manage projects, track project costs, and ensure optimal project delivery. 
The implementation of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales was essential to streamline Daystar’s sales process. This solution enables the organization to leverage insights and quality data for effective customer engagement. By utilizing data-driven strategies, marketing investments were maximized, ensuring that all campaigns were targeted and efficient. 
To provide personalized and intelligent support, Dynamics 365 Customer Service was employed. By unifying data on a central platform, Daystar Power can now deliver consistent and exceptional customer experiences. This approach aims to exceed customer expectations and foster long-term customer loyalty. 
Overall, the integrated deployment of Dynamics 365 Business Central, Dynamics 365 Sales, and Dynamics 365 Customer Service has provided Daystar Power with a cohesive and efficient solution to its operational and customer management challenges.

Cloudware Differentiation in the Marketplace:

Cloudware Africa is steadfast in its commitment to aiding customers in leveraging digital technology to revolutionize their operations. Our emphasis on fostering dependable partnerships propels the attainment of shared goals, positioning us as a reliable catalyst for digital innovation. 
Our proficiency in assisting organizations to capitalize on cloud opportunities and harness the capabilities of Microsoft Dynamics 365 technology distinguishes us in the competitive landscape. This dedication to excellence has been acknowledged with prestigious awards, including the Business Transformation Provider of the Year for Nigeria, which we received in September 2023. Moreover, our extensive experience is further underscored by our international presence and consistent recognition as a Microsoft Partner of the Year. 
In summary, what sets Cloudware Africa apart is our unwavering commitment to empowering organizations through digital transformation. Leveraging our profound industry insights and state-of-the-art technologies like Microsoft Dynamics 365, we equip our clients to achieve unparalleled operational efficiency and thrive in their respective sectors. 

Engagement with Microsoft:

Cloudware Africa’s collaboration with the Microsoft team was instrumental in positioning the company as a trusted partner for Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and Customer Relationship Management (CRM)solutions within the dynamic energy sector. 
Organizing and conducting envisioning sessions enabled us to grasp Daystar Power’s specific requirements and challenges. We actively engaged with stakeholders to ensure the alignment of objectives and effectively demonstrated the capabilities of Microsoft Dynamics 365 through solution presentations. 
Our advanced specialization in Change and Adoption Management, coupled with our expertise in Business Application, played a pivotal role in establishing trust with Daystar Power. This showcased our ability to deliver intelligent automation solutions tailored to their unique needs, solidifying our position as a reliable and adept ERP and CRM solution provider in the energy sector. 

Removing Deployment Complexities

To tackle the multifaceted challenges faced by Daystar Power, Cloudware Africa prioritized strategic alignment engagements. We delved deep into understanding Daystar Power’s specific operational environment, the peculiarities of its supply chain, the nuances of its customer engagement processes, and the intricacies of its sales strategies. This comprehensive understanding was crucial in formulating tailored solutions that would address their unique challenges effectively.
To guarantee the successful adoption and seamless integration of the proposed solutions, Cloudware Africa instituted a robust change and adoption framework. This framework was meticulously designed to facilitate the easy familiarization of Daystar Power’s employees with the new Dynamics 365 technologies. Through targeted training sessions, hands-on workshops, and continuous support, we ensured that the employees were equipped with the necessary skills and knowledge to leverage the new technology to its fullest potential. This approach was instrumental in enabling Daystar Power to derive optimal benefits from the new systems, driving efficiency, and effectively resolving the identified operational complexities. 
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