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Absa Ghana's Strategic Leap with Cloud-Based Contact Center Solutions

Customer Name:

ABSA Bank Ghana Ltd



Business Problem:

Inflexible and costly on-premise systems could have improved growth and responsiveness.

Commercial Impact:

Anywhere365's cloud-based system cut ABSA's costs and scaled communication, boosting efficiency and customer satisfaction.

Social Impact:

ABSA's cloud adoption enhanced operational sustainability and promoted workplace inclusivity.

Deal Size:


Microsoft Solution:

Teams Enterprise Voice & Anywhere365 UCC

Microsoft Partner:

Cloudware Africa

ABSA Bank Ghana upgraded its communication infrastructure with Teams Phone Systems and Anywhere365 Unified Contact Center solutions to address operational inefficiencies and outdated technology.
This strategic move aimed to enhance scalability, reduce maintenance costs, improve employee flexibility and mobility, ensure system reliability, achieve regulatory compliance, and streamline customer verification processes.
The upgrade has significantly improved operational efficiency and customer service, positioning ABSA Bank as a leader in leveraging technology for business growth and regulatory adherence in the banking sector.

Customer Challenge

ABSA Bank Ghana faced significant challenges with its outdated and inflexible communication systems, leading to scalability issues, high maintenance costs, limited mobility, risk of service disruptions, non-compliance with regulatory standards, and inefficient customer verification. The implementation of Teams Phone Systems and Anywhere365 Unified Contact Center solutions addressed these concerns by:
Allowing for adaptation to changing business needs and supporting growth.
Cutting down on expenses related to hardware, software, and IT support.
Enabling employees to use mobile features and work remotely efficiently.
Minimizing the risk of downtime and service interruptions due to single points of failure.
Aligning with industry standards and regulatory requirements set by the Bank of Ghana.
Automating identification and verification processes to improve customer satisfaction and operational effectiveness.

Solution Impact

Cloudware Africa crafted a comprehensive solution utilizing a VoIP solution, Anywhere365 Contact Centre, to address these issues, integrated with Microsoft Teams. Anywhere365 is a cloud-based platform that offers scalable solutions to handle fluctuating call volumes and customer interactions without requiring additional hardware or infrastructure investments. This solution eliminated the need for upfront capital expenditures and ongoing maintenance costs associated with on-premises systems. The subscription-based pricing model includes all upgrades, updates, and support services.
The Anywhere365 Contact Centre platform is flexible and mobile-friendly, allowing employees to work from any location using any device. Advanced communication and collaboration tools, including mobile apps, softphones, and web-based interfaces, enhance productivity and efficiency. The platform also features redundant, geographically distributed infrastructure with built-in failover mechanisms, ensuring high availability and uninterrupted service for ABSA Bank and its customers.
The project was executed in two phases: the Teams Enterprise Voice which enables Teams users to make inbound and outbound calls to PSTN lines, and the Anywhere365 unified Contact Center.

Unique Value Proposition

Cloudware Africa is dedicated to advancing digital transformation for its customers, aiming to increase Teams and Azure consumption by up to 30% quarterly, in partnership with Microsoft. This growth strategy is set to enhance ABSA Bank’s adoption of cutting-edge technologies.
Central to Cloudware Africa’s approach is the development of strong customer partnerships, where collaboration and alignment with client goals are prioritized. This customer-centric strategy has led to significant achievements in reducing costs, improving efficiency, and boosting productivity.
Cloudware Africa’s commitment to shared success and deep integration with clients’ missions distinguishes it in the industry, driving both current achievements and future ambitions in technology and business.

Engagement with Microsoft:

ABSA Bank Ghana partnered with Cloudware Africa for a technology project aimed at enhancing the bank’s operations through digital innovation. Cloudware Limited was chosen for its technical expertise and understanding of the banking sector’s unique needs, particularly in financial risk management and regulatory compliance. The company tailored a Microsoft Azure cloud solution for ABSA Bank, incorporating advanced analytics and machine learning tools to improve decision-making processes. Cloudware’s approach emphasized collaboration, knowledge sharing, and alignment with industry best practices, positioning ABSA Bank at the forefront of innovation.
The project also involved addressing operational concerns with ABSA’s contact center, showcasing Cloudware’s specialization in adoption and change management, Teams Calling, and other Microsoft Teams features. The collaboration was supported by Microsoft, led by Oluwaremilekun Olowu, and included integrating Anywhere365 with ABSA’s Microsoft Teams Phone System, enhancing customer service operations. This partnership has enabled ABSA Bank to improve its customer interactions and service delivery, fulfilling its commitment to exceptional customer service.

Business and Digital Transformation

ABSA Bank’s strategic move away from traditional on-site communication systems to cloud-based solutions marks a significant leap in its innovation and growth journey. Facing challenges that limited its adaptability and growth, ABSA Bank embraced digital transformation to overcome these hurdles. The shift to cloud-based contact centre systems allowed for greater mobility and flexibility, empowering employees with remote access and enhancing customer experience.
This transition underscores the bank’s commitment to leveraging technology for operational efficiency, responsiveness to customer needs, and maintaining a competitive edge in the dynamic banking industry. ABSA Bank’s initiative highlights the importance of agility and innovation in achieving market leadership.


Absa Ghana’s partnership with Cloudware Africa and Microsoft has led to a transformative upgrade of its contact center, utilizing the Anywhere 365 Contact Centre on Azure. This collaboration has greatly improved Absa’s operational agility, scalability, and customer engagement, establishing a new benchmark for innovation and service excellence in the financial sector.
The expertise from Microsoft and Cloudware Africa facilitated the seamless adoption of cloud technology, offering a flexible, scalable, and cost-efficient solution that supports Absa’s growth and technological advancement ambitions.
This transition to a cloud-based contact center has reduced maintenance costs, enabled remote work, and maintained high-quality customer service, highlighting Absa Ghana’s commitment to using advanced technology for market leadership and enhanced customer satisfaction.

Charting the Course Ahead: Our Commitment

To support ABSA Bank in leveraging Microsoft solutions, we’ll undertake a strategic approach focused on tailored deployment, training, and continuous support. Initially, we’ll assess ABSA’s needs, aligning with business objectives to introduce relevant Microsoft technologies, such as Microsoft 365 for collaboration, Azure for cloud services, and advanced security solutions.
Customized training will ensure staff proficiency, accompanied by a strong change management strategy to foster adoption. Continuous support and optimization will be provided to adjust to ABSA’s evolving needs, maximizing operational efficiency and securing a competitive edge in the banking industry.
This partnership aims to drive innovation and growth at ABSA through effective utilization of Microsoft solutions.
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