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We are focused on assisting organizations to harness technology in delivering their business goals.

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Cloudware Africa

Cloudware, a proud member of the Reliance Group, stands at the forefront of technological innovation in Africa. Our award-winning global presence spans across Ghana, Liberia, and Zambia.

At Cloudware, we are dedicated to helping organizations leverage technology to achieve their business objectives. We provide strategic guidance through complex digital landscapes, offering a comprehensive range of technological products, expertise from certified professionals, and exceptional services. This approach ensures unique value propositions and competitive positioning for our global clients.

Cloudware takes a consultative approach to help organisations of all sizes reimagine their businesses and embark on a successful digital transformation journey. Our activities are geared around business support pillars: Business Transformation, Operational Excellence and Protection Assurance. Our success outcome Philosophy heavily guides these three support pillars.

Our Success Outcome Philosophy

Our Success Outcome philosophy distinguishes Cloudware in the tech landscape. Likening our approach to a 400m relay race, we view ourselves as partners in our clients’ teams. Holding the potent force of technology, we swiftly complete our part of the race and pass on the momentum to our client-partners. Our role extends beyond just passing the baton; we persist alongside our partners, energizing and supporting them with the necessary guidance for their journey to success.
The core of our business philosophy is centered on achieving success alongside our customers. We forge lasting partnerships, aligning our success strategies with their corporate goals. At Cloudware, we measure our success by the quantum of progress we have helped our customers achieve even when those achievements do not particularly correlate with our revenue goals.

Our Leadership

Meet our leaders- the driving force behind Cloudware – a team of visionary leaders dedicated to steering the company towards its ambitious goals.
Michael Mensah

Michael Mensah-Ackman

Country Manager & Senior Vice President

Mildred Fosuaa

Vice President, Customer Success Outcome

Kwasi Polley

Vice President, Customer Engagement
Boma Koko

Boma Koko

Manager, Service Excellence

Baba Awuni Salifu Jnr

Manager, Customer Success Outcome

Our Partnerships

We have built a robust ecosystem of partners that includes best-of breed technology providers, leading OEMs, service providers, and other organizations that share our commitment to innovation, agility, and growth.Through our partnerships, we deliver strategic relationships, technologies and a wide range of capabilities and resources that enable our customers to transform their organizations in meaningful ways.

Our Partner Ecosystem

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