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Saving the Planet: Cloudware’s role in AirtelTigo’s mission to build efficient processes that reduce carbon footprint where every phone call smiles at the environment. 

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Business Problem:

Traditional manual paper processes combined with on-premises data storage result in high operational costs, delays, and an elevated carbon footprint due to excessive printing

Social Impact

Empowered communities for greater connectivity

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Microsoft Power Platform 

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Cloudware Africa

AirtelTigo collaborated with Cloudware to reduce its carbon footprint by modernizing its applications, data platforms and also improving collaboration on documents. This initiative significantly reduced paper usage by over 90% and improved the procurement process by more than 50%
By leveraging Microsoft’s Power Platform, AirtelTigo streamlined operations, expanding its reach to underserved communities while saving costs associated with on-premises data storage. This partnership exemplifies a commitment to environmental sustainability and efficient processes. With ongoing engagements and workshops with Microsoft, the business process automation aims to scale further with the building of citizen developers who can take advantage of the copilot’s natural language capabilities, driving digital transformation and reducing reliance on paper forms. 

Customer Challenge

About 50% of rural community dwellers in Ghana lack internet access, hindering their economic, social, and overall development in our increasingly digital world. AirtelTigo recognized this challenge and sought to scale their infrastructure rapidly to address it. Additionally, they aimed to expand their offerings, requiring broader coverage for new market ideas to thrive. To achieve this, they decided to modernize key infrastructure processes, specifically procurement and requisition. This shift from slow traditional methods aimed to enhance inclusivity, stakeholder visibility, and overall efficiency. In addition, AirtelTigo faces challenges with document management, including scattered documentation, concerns regarding retrievability, privacy issues, and collaboration obstacles. 
Furthermore, AirtelTigo aimed to reduce their carbon footprint by minimizing paper usage and on-premises data storage costs. Cloudware joined forces with AirtelTigo, guided by Microsoft, to modernize these critical processes using the Power platform through engagement workshops and guidance sessions.

Solution Impact

To address this challenge, we adopted a systematic approach to decompose the problem and outline a clear path towards an automated, streamlined operation:
Leveraged Power Automate to streamline procurement operations, eliminating bottlenecks and enhancing efficiency. 
Introduced a mobile-responsive approval app, enabling stakeholders to approve requests from anywhere, even on their smartphones, for seamless procurement management. 
Utilized Power BI to provide real-time insights into procurement processes, empowering stakeholders to make informed decisions swiftly and efficiently. 
Implemented robust tracking mechanisms to monitor approval delays and pending actions, coupled with automated reminders through Power Automate, ensuring timely responses and streamlined workflows. 
Achieved heightened operational efficiency and productivity by automating procurement processes and enhancing visibility and accountability throughout the procurement lifecycle, as well as enhanced visibility and accountability across the procurement process, resulting in streamlined operations. 

Unique Value Proposition

Cloudware distinguishes itself through a deep commitment to helping customers navigate digital transformation fostering strong partnerships for mutual success. By working closely with clients, Cloudware identifies opportunities to add value through services that align with clients’ goals, adopting a customer-first approach that emphasizes understanding client needs and providing customized solutions. This strategy, focused on fitting solutions to problems using data, has led to significant recognition. Cloudware has been named Microsoft Partner of the Year Ghana on two occasions. These awards highlight Cloudware’s role in leading digital transformation efforts, resulting in cost savings, efficiency gains, and increased productivity for customers. 

Engagement with Microsoft:

AirtelTigo stands out as one of Ghana’s top telecom service providers, renowned for its constant innovation and commitment to simplicity in everyday life. With a strong focus on community and environmental responsibility, alongside a drive for continuous improvement, AirtelTigo sought a technology partner that shared and supported their mission. Cloudware emerged as the ideal choice, thanks to our understanding of their vision and our capability to deliver desired outcomes.
The partnership was primarily led by our team, providing clarity on the value proposition and showcasing our expertise in implementing desired workloads, with active support from Microsoft throughout the sales cycle. Notably, our specialization in Low Code solutions was highlighted, with invaluable guidance from Microsoft’s Oluwaremilekun Olowu during customer interactions. Today, AirtelTigo enjoys a reduced carbon footprint through paper elimination and increased operational efficiency due to business process automation, marking a significant milestone in our collaborative journey. 

Business & Digital Transformation

At the listen and consult stage with AirtelTigo, we pinpointed a critical procurement bottleneck and concerns over excessive paper use affecting sustainability goals. During the Empower and Achieve phase, we introduced the Power Platform as a holistic solution, incorporating design thinking and close collaboration with process owners to ensure user-friendly adoption. Our innovative design included multiple approval mechanisms through Power Automate, facilitating actions anytime and anywhere. 
To drive change at AirtelTigo, we emphasized the urgency of automating procurement and improving document management through workshops and training, creating a group of change champions. Our strategy promoted innovation and clearly communicated the benefits to stakeholders, overcoming barriers to implementation. This approach led to considerable cost and time savings, embedding the change into the company culture for ongoing success. 
By FY2024, our Business Application services have been implemented in various organizations, including NNPC, Ethio Telecom, Cornerstone, and others. We’re also developing a loan application for FCMB, highlighting our commitment to assisting the financial sector in reducing reliance on paper processes. This includes collaboration with Microsoft to expand these solutions in the financial services industry through continuous engagement and workshops. 


“AirtelTigo’s collaboration with Cloudware Africa, supported by Microsoft, has been a pivotal force in our digital transformation journey. Together, we’ve streamlined our operations by migrating to a cloud-based ERP system, leveraging Power Apps and Power Automate for enhanced efficiency and scalability. This partnership not only optimized our processes but also significantly reduced operational costs, contributing to our growth. 
The expertise from Cloudware Africa, especially in Low Code Application Development, and the strategic support from Microsoft have been instrumental. Their speed and competence in delivering a solution that perfectly aligns with our needs have set a new standard in our operational framework, marking a significant step forward in our commitment to innovation and excellence.” 

Charting the course ahead: Our Commitment

As part of our ongoing commitment to AirtelTigo, we’re nurturing a team of citizen developers to harness Copilot’s natural language capabilities, enabling swift automation. In the next six months, we aim to establish a Center of Excellence for development governance, ensuring continuous support and guidance throughout their digital transformation journey. 
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