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Revolutionizing Financial Services: Access Bank's Journey to Innovation with Cloudware Africa & Microsoft Azure

Customer Name:

Access Bank


Financial Services

Business Problem:

Access Bank faced challenges in credit processing and risk management across its subsidiaries, affecting decision-making and competitiveness due to manual workflows and outdated technology.

Commercial Impact:

The solution resulted in faster credit approvals, improved risk management, and compliance, boosting operational efficiency and customer satisfaction.

Social Impact:

Strengthening Access Bank's risk management processes contributed to financial stability and economic growth, encouraging responsible lending, and attracting foreign investment.

Deal Size:


Microsoft Solution:

The project capitalized on Microsoft Azure’s capabilities for automation, scalability, and security, tailoring a solution that enhanced decision-making and risk assessment with advanced analytics and machine learning.

Microsoft Partner:

Cloudware Africa

In a strategic endeavour to revolutionize its credit and risk management operations, Access Bank partnered with Cloudware Africa to deploy a cutting-edge digital solution powered by Microsoft Azure. This initiative was geared towards enhancing the bank’s operational efficiency, decision-making agility, and competitive edge within the financial sector. Through the deployment of advanced analytics and machine learning algorithms, the bank achieved a transformative upgrade in its credit approval processes and risk assessment capabilities. The collaboration yielded immediate benefits in terms of reduced approval times and improved risk management, projecting a future of increased profitability and market expansion for Access Bank. This case study exemplifies the synthesis of strategic vision, technological innovation, and collaborative expertise driving the financial industry forward.

Customer Challenge

Access Bank, standing as a bastion of financial service excellence in Nigeria and Africa, encountered multifaceted operational challenges that necessitated a transformative leap. Central to these was the imperative to overhaul its credit processing and risk management framework. The existing system, hamstrung by manual procedures and dated technology tools, was a bottleneck to operational efficiency, and it starkly hindered the bank’s ability to swiftly adapt to the evolving market demands.
With a sprawling operational landscape that spans multiple geographies, Access Bank’s legacy processes in credit and risk management were marred by protracted approval times, which impeded timely response to customer needs and squandered lucrative market opportunities. This was further compounded by a lack of centralized risk visibility, which led to decision-making challenges and increased vulnerability to potential financial losses—a precarious position for a leading financial institution.
This critical business impediment needed an immediate and robust response. Access Bank required a solution that would not only streamline its credit processes to enhance operational efficiency but also one that would bolster decision-making capabilities and risk assessment to ensure heightened agility and responsiveness. The solution had to address these core issues while aligning with the bank’s strategic goal of driving advanced banking technologies, demonstrating a firm commitment to innovation, and fortifying its leadership position in the financial sector.

Solution Impact

To meet the critical business requirements of Access Bank, a tailored digital solution was carefully developed and launched, focusing on consolidating and enhancing their credit and risk management frameworks. At the core of this transformation was the deployment of FinTrak Credit 360 and an Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) Dashboard, integrated seamlessly with Microsoft Azure’s cloud technology. This integration provided the necessary scalability, robust security, and automation capabilities.
The solution’s architecture was strategically developed to incorporate advanced analytics and machine learning algorithms, which significantly enhanced the bank’s credit assessment accuracy and decision-making capabilities. These technologies allowed for real-time monitoring and analysis of credit portfolios and risk exposures, enabling proactive risk management and dynamic credit approval processes. Customized dashboards provided executives with the actionable insights necessary to make informed decisions swiftly, reducing turnaround times for credit approvals and enhancing the bank’s operational responsiveness. The innovation strategy for Access Bank transcended technological implementation; it was deeply rooted in an inclusive change management initiative.

Unique Value Proposition

Cloudware Africa differentiated itself in the marketplace through its unique blend of technical acumen and industry insight. For Access Bank’s project, Cloudware leveraged its profound expertise in financial risk management, regulatory compliance requirements, tailoring the Microsoft Azure cloud solution to meet the intricate demands of the banking sector. The deployment showcased their capability for not just implementing technology, but also for envisioning a strategic roadmap aligned with the bank’s long-term goals.
The added value from Cloudware came through their deployment of sophisticated analytics and machine learning tools, enhancing the bank’s decision-making precision. Moreover, Cloudware’s commitment to collaborative partnership was evident in their continuous knowledge-sharing and alignment with industry best practices, keeping Access Bank at the forefront of innovation. Their agile response to complex challenges and ability to deliver a solution that transformed Access Bank’s operational landscape solidified Reliance’s reputation as a leader in providing technology solutions for the financial services industry.

Engagement with Microsoft:

The project’s success hinged on a synergistic engagement with Microsoft, involving strategic conversations with key Microsoft personnel, notably Damilare Shittu. His insights and guidance were instrumental throughout the process, from initial conception to deployment. The partnership with Microsoft, punctuated by Shittu’s expertise, ensured that the solution not only met the bank’s immediate needs but also supported their vision for a future-proof digital infrastructure.

Business and Digital Transformation

To mitigate deployment complexities, a clear and structured approach was adopted for Access Bank’s digital transformation. By utilizing Microsoft Azure’s cloud services, Cloudware Africa delivered a flexible and scalable infrastructure that could be adjusted without the typical constraints of on-premises solutions. This strategic foresight allowed for a streamlined integration of new technologies, while targeted training programs ensured that staff could adeptly navigate the upgraded system. The result was an effective, on-schedule deployment that minimized operational disruption and maximized user adoption, setting a gold standard for project execution.


Through our collaboration with Cloudware Africa and Microsoft, Access Bank has significantly advanced our credit and risk management capabilities, utilizing Microsoft Azure’s powerful technology. This partnership has not only streamlined our operations but also enhanced our risk oversight, marking a pivotal step in our commitment to operational excellence and customer service. We value the expertise and support from Reliance and Microsoft, which have been crucial in realizing our objectives and reinforcing our leadership in the financial sector.

Charting the Course Ahead: Our Commitment

In the next 6 months, Cloudware Africa will focus on enhancing Access Bank’s engagement with key Microsoft technologies such as Co-pilot and Azure, while also transitioning from Microsoft Business Standard to Premium. This critical phase will be leveraged to boost Access Bank’s efficiency, strengthen security measures, and position their services at the forefront of Microsoft’s technological innovation.
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