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Ethio Digital Nexus: SharePoint and Viva Integration for Enhanced Operations and Learning

Customer Name:

Ethio Telecom





Business Problem:

Ethio Telecom struggled with internal communication and HR process inefficiencies, particularly in collaboration and their exit management system, leading to reduced efficiency and teamwork.

Commercial Impact:

Ethio Telecom's digital transformation streamlined operations, enhancing learning and competitive edge.

Social Impact:

The solutions improved Ethio Telecom's internal communications and collaboration, boosted productivity through centralized information management, and enhanced the employee offboarding experience by reducing processing times and errors through automation. 

Deal size:


Microsoft Solution:

Microsoft SharePoint and Microsoft Viva

Microsoft Partner:

Cloudware Africa

The transformative digital solution implemented by Reliance Infosystems for Ethio Telecom redefined their internal operations, resolving critical inefficiencies within their digital workspace and HR processes. The strategic development of a SharePoint Intranet Portal, coupled with the deployment of Microsoft Viva, significantly improved collaboration and established a robust learning environment across the organization. A key achievement was the automation of the exit management process, which optimized the HR function by reducing processing times and errors. This pivotal project not only delivered immediate operational benefits but also laid a solid foundation for Ethio Telecom’s future innovation and efficiency, solidifying their stature in the telecommunications industry. 

Customer’s Challenge

Ethio Telecom, a major player in the telecommunications landscape, faced critical internal challenges that hindered its ability to operate efficiently and maintain its competitive edge. The company was grappling with outdated SharePoint functionalities which made collaboration on documents cumbersome. This was particularly problematic as it obstructed the seamless sharing of information, a fundamental requirement for a company with a vast and dynamic internal network.
The organization’s desire to foster a learning culture was also hampered by the limitations of their existing digital workspace. The absence of an integrated platform for learning and development was a barrier to the cultivation of continuous improvement and professional growth among employees. 
Additionally, Ethio Telecom’s HR processes, specifically the exit management system, were beleaguered by inefficiencies. The manual and disjointed procedures not only resulted in prolonged processing times but also exposed the company to a higher rate of errors. These issues collectively led to a suboptimal experience for employees transitioning out of the company and disrupted the overall flow of HR functions. 
The aggregation of these issues underscored a pressing need for Ethio Telecom to revolutionize its digital workspace. The company required a solution that would not only enhance document collaboration and support its cultural commitment to learning but also streamline and automate critical HR functions and exit management to improve operational efficiency and employee satisfaction.

Solution Impact

To tackle Ethio Telecom’s multifaceted business problem, a holistic and multifunctional digital solution was deployed. This encompassed several key components:
The foundational element of the transformation was the development of a SharePoint intranet portal. This solution revamped Ethio Telecom’s digital workspace, providing a centralized and intuitive platform for information sharing and collaborative document management. It effectively addressed the previous difficulties experienced with SharePoint, enhancing the overall user experience.
The deployment of Microsoft Viva was a strategic move to bolster Ethio Telecom’s learning culture and employee engagement. By leveraging this platform, Ethio Telecom could offer its employees advanced analytics, insights, and personalized experiences that enriched their work life, thus driving higher satisfaction and performance levels.
A significant leap forward was the automation of the exit management process. By transitioning this critical HR function to an automated system, Ethio Telecom significantly reduced processing times and errors, resulting in a smoother transition for employees during offboarding. 
This multifaceted solution, tailored to Ethio Telecom’s specific challenges, not only streamlined communication and operational procedures but also elevated the employee experience. It provided the foundation for ongoing innovation and efficiency, ensuring that Ethio Telecom could maintain its competitive edge in the telecommunications sector. The deployment of these integrated systems has poised Ethio Telecom for future growth, equipped with a robust digital infrastructure for its evolving business needs. 

Unique Value Proposition

Cloudware Africa set itself apart in the competitive market by addressing Ethio Telecom’s challenges with a bespoke SharePoint intranet portal and Microsoft Viva implementation. Their approach was not solely tech-focused; it was a blend of innovation, deep industry understanding, and customer-centric problem-solving. Cloudware’s ability to automate complex HR processes and enhance digital workspaces showcased a unique skill set that was tailored to the telecom sector’s specific needs. 
Their differentiation stemmed from a profound expertise in streamlining communications and fostering collaborative cultures through advanced technology. By delivering solutions that were both strategic and operationally transformative, Cloudware enabled Ethio Telecom to leapfrog to a more efficient, cohesive, and innovative operational model. This has solidified Cloudware’s reputation as a partner capable of crafting and executing complex digital solutions that yield substantial business value. 

Engagement with Microsoft:

Cloudware Africa’s project with Ethio Telecom was enriched by the direct engagement with Microsoft, specifically through the involvement of Musa Thomas Phiri. His role was pivotal in aligning the deployed solutions with Microsoft’s best practices and ensuring that Ethio Telecom could fully leverage the capabilities of Microsoft 365 services.  

Business & Digital Transformation

Cloudware Africa navigated Ethio Telecom’s deployment challenges by applying Kotter’s change management principles. They created a sense of urgency for digital transformation and built a guiding coalition to lead the initiative. A clear, strategic vision was formulated for the SharePoint and Microsoft Viva integration, which was communicated effectively across Ethio Telecom. By identifying and removing barriers, Cloudware enabled swift action, ensuring a phased rollout that provided quick, visible benefits, maintaining momentum. Continuous support and iterative wins led to a successful transition, with the change firmly embedded into Ethio Telecom’s operations, securing a modern and efficient digital environment.


Partnering with Cloudware Africa on the Ethio Digital Nexus initiative has been a game-changer for Ethio Telecom. Their integration of SharePoint and Microsoft Viva has dramatically improved our internal operations, particularly in collaboration and HR processes. This transformation has not only streamlined our workflows and enhanced our learning culture but also laid a solid foundation for future innovation, marking a significant leap forward for us in the telecommunications industry

Charting the Course Ahead: Our Commitment

In the forthcoming months, we are set to deepen Ethio Telecom’s engagement with key Microsoft technologies, including Co-pilot, Azure, and a strategic transition from Microsoft Business Standard to Premium. This phase is pivotal for leveraging these innovations to boost productivity, enhance security, and ensure Ethio Telecom’s operations and services are at the cutting edge of technological advancement. 
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