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Build and modernize AI apps 

A life without Artificial Intelligence (AI) is quickly becoming a thing of the past. We are now accustomed to faster and more intelligent solutions that simplify certain daily activities. plications make these possible. If you wished to adjust the temperature of a room, select a good movie, or predict the financial market, AI apps will do these with less effort and have you invested in more productive activities. These software or mobile programs use advanced technologies like natural language processing and machine learning to assist their users.

Azure helps to build and modernize AI applications. It is a robust cloud-based service that provides several tools to aid the app development process. From integrating cognitive services like facial recognition to analyzing vast datasets, there is an Azure service that meets your needs. Azure is the single platform that sees the app development process from the start to the finish, integrating with several other solutions and simplifying the build-from-scratch or modernization processes.


Azure Kubernetes Service

Orchestrate and manage containers at scale for easier AI model deployment. 

Azure Container Apps

Deploy apps from code or containers using simple infrastructure. 

Azure Cosmos DB

Obtain a globally distributed database with low-latency access.

Azure Database for PostgreSQL

Manage databases of any size to develop and deploy applications at scale.

Azure Red Hat OpenShift

Deploy containerized applications using the open shift cluster at scale.

Azure Spring Apps

Deploy and run Spring Boot
applications in Azure. 

Cognitive Services

Integrate into your application for vision, language translation, and sentiment analysis. 

Machine Learning

Obtain tools for building, training, optimizing, and deploying AI models.

Azure OpenAI Service

Obtain a globally distributed database with low-latency access.

Why Should your Organization Build and Modernize AI Apps 

Improved customer experience

AI apps unlock a new level of satisfaction. Provide your users with this technology to drive engagement via personalized user experiences.

Insightful data

The large datasets AI apps analyze empower them to deliver insightful information on trends, user preferences, and more that serve decision-making.


As customer engagement grows, AI apps expand to handle increased workloads, adapting to business needs at no extra cost of resources.

Improved efficiency

Automated tasks, helpful ideas, and streamlined workflows free up employees and clients to focus on impactful activities to drive growth. 

Leverage Azure services to become an industry leader in AI application development 

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