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Voice remains a critical part of communications. When your employees have a system that is enabled for mobility, supported by messaging, and integrated into meetings and team collaboration, they have the fastest, clearest way to build relationships.


Enterprise Voice with Microsoft Teams


Out of the box, Microsoft Teams and Microsoft Phone System empower organizations to be highly coordinated and more efficient with respect to how their employees interact, share and ideate around routine tasks, projects, strategy, and transformation goals.


As you cut the complexity, you’ll reduce the security risks and productivity drain from having multiple solutions in your workplace. Your team is better connected and more responsive, becoming stronger customer advocates, and driving loyalty with your brand.


These interaction continuums include the following



Riding on Microsoft Teams and Phone system innovations, Reliance Infosystems delivers an exceptional capability that allows organizations to aggregate the benefits of their existing communication infrastructure (PBX solutions) with the groundbreaking Microsoft Cloud Voice functionalities in such manner that results in extraordinary interweave of collaboration innovations for business advantage. The resultant business benefits for organizations are as follows


Location-agnostic communication

The employees can have one-to-one and one-to-many voice conversations across Microsoft Teams and traditional PBX endpoints.


Virtual Trunk assignment and management

Employees can have virtual trunk lines allocated to their Teams App for making and receiving calls.


Toll Charge and Roaming avoidance

Authorized employees can seamlessly use the PSTN trunks lines attached to either/both Teams or PBX platform. Traveling employees can continue to access PSTN functionalities regardless of location.


PSTN Call Controls

Group Calls, Call Routing, Conditional Auto-forward, DND and many of such controls can be harnessed from users’ and administrator’s console. Individuals and Group can be assigned time-based or tariff-based call limits. Users can be limited to specific call destinations as per organization strategy.


Call Log Management

Granular call logs can be generated for organization’s use. Log Analytics can be delivered using PowerBI to create useful correlations with certain external benchmarks.


Integrations with CRM and IVR

The platform can be integrated with CRM and external IVR solution.





Enterprise Voice solution takes teams’ communication to an unprecedented level where legacy barriers no longer limits the pace of business. Reliance Infosystems believes that organizations that consider Enterprise Voice as part of their corporate strategy plays are likely to account for more than 70% productivity leap and drastically drive down their cost to income ratio.

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