With a 700 seat count, Enterprise Group is an impressive M365 E5 upsell story across MCC. Ghana Statistics Services, National Insurance Authority, Ghana Revenue Authority and Volta River Authority are among the growing list of departments under the Government of Ghana that Cloudware is helping to digitally transform.


Over the past 10 years, consumers’ lifestyle, and buying preferences have steadily drifted towards the digital corridors. The trend is consistent with the proliferation of digital technologies across all spheres of life. Businesses no longer consider digital transformation as an option but a key success driver. These reasonings are pushing organizations to rethink the way they develop their structures, how they create and distribute value, and how they engage customers.

Business Problems and Opportunities

Enterprise Group Ghana

Enterprise Group Ghana has subsidiary companies across Africa providing insurance, trusteeship, real estate, and funeral management services. When COVID-19 struck in February 2020, the headquarter was bewildered with the challenges of getting its 785 global employees access to work tools, data services and line-of-business applications being hosted within its on-premise data center. Their on-premise hardware were already ailing having crossed end-of-life and requiring complete refresh. This scenario put the group-wide $125m yearly turnover at big risk.

The Government of Ghana

The Government of Ghana is preparing towards the conduct of its sixth post-independence Population Census and third Population and Housing Census (PHC) in April/May 2021.The humongous exercise of obtaining a disaggregated data on all persons in Ghana over a 14-day period requires the use of appropriate technology for achieving reporting accuracy, logistics efficiency and execution speed. Equipping 8000 data collectors and census enumerators with the right tool that is secure and reliable suddenly became a key top-of-mind for Ghana Statistic Services.

Enterprise Group and Government of Ghana’s stories are representative of challenges that businesses and public sectors organizations are facing in their attempts to pursue their organization’s goals. Considering that both scenarios require empowering people to work remotely, Microsoft Cloud provides the best set technology tools required to help 785 employees of Enterprise Group exceed their performance target and 8000 census enumerators from Ghana Statistics Services deliver secure and accurate reporting.

Dimensioning Business Impact

Microsoft Cloud provides the much-needed rescue to many business organizations aiming to beat the paralyzing effect of COVID19 and accelerate their growth to outpace the competition. Businesses and public sector institutions across Ghana are coming to terms with the unmatched value proposition of Microsoft Cloud. Its consumption-driven value realization model aligns perfectly with customer’s expectation on ROI. The Government of Ghana finds tremendous value in being able to predict its investment model across many years helping to adequately project budgetary provisioning and avoid unplanned investments. By optimizing its compute needs, Enterprise Group lowered its cost structure saving 40% on unutilized Azure resources. Being a multi-sectorial service provider to millions of consumers across Africa, Enterprise Group is able to significantly lower the cost of selling and fulfilling services to its customers through the use of Microsoft Cloud Technology.

Engaging with Microsoft Nigeria

In the month of April 2021, Reliance Infosystems crafted a success plan with Corporate Account Managers for Ghana to drive M365 uptake. We beamed spotlights on all the technology initiatives happening within the SMC accounts so we could translate same to M365 conversations. This strategy paid off. Today we are proud to see Ghana’s Modern Work revenue grow beyond $1m in H2 alone. Bazoumana Assante, Damilola Fabiyi, Joel Shaibu and Oluwaremi Olowu gave us massive supports in achieving customer wins in Ghana.