Technology and Innovation:

Empowering Startups to Scale Up

Cloudware Africa and Microsoft are inviting you to a transformative event designed to equip you with the necessary knowledge, tools, and strategies to thrive and expedite the growth of your startup in today’s competitive business landscape.

          2nd June

         16:30 GMT

Venue: Labadi Beach Hotel, Accra, Ghana

Access: Event pass required

About The Event

Technology plays a crucial role in business growth, and startups require the right digital solutions to thrive. However, we have observed that emerging businesses often lack the resources and expertise necessary to implement and fully leverage the benefits of technology. It is for this reason that Cloudware Africa is out on a mission to assist startups in Ghana to grow and thrive.

Join us at this event to gain valuable insights on innovative strategies and technologies that will optimize your startup’s performance and enhance its competitiveness against larger businesses. Attendees also stand the chance to be enrolled in our elite Microsoft-powered startup program.


15 Minutes

Open Remarks

30 Minutes

A keynote speaker to share their experience from the founder’s hub

30 Minutes

Demonstrate howMicrosoft founder hub is the right initiate to accelerate these start-ups

30 Minutes

Cloudware/Reliance start-up initiative (cloudbase lift and exchange program)

30 Minutes

Panel discussion about Digitization; a springboard to a global impact

30 Minutes


30 Minutes

Networking, Snacks & Departure

Leverage our wealth of experience, diverse expertise, and high-level partnership to grow your startup and thrive.