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Who We Are

Cloudware Limited provides technology services for enterprise businesses and public sector organizations across West Africa. We help customers to envision their success strategies and engage the appropriate technology solutions to execute and deliver on their business expectations. At Cloudware, we believe technologies are only relevant to businesses in the forms of the success outcomes they produce. Our engagements with customers are more focused on meeting their business objectives than the technologies themselves.

We provide our customers with the competitive edge needed to succeed in today’s business and technology landscapes.

Business Transformation

Cloudware offers a variety of digital solutions that help organization re-imagine and revamp the way they carry out all their activities. We also offer change management programs to aid the transitions from the incumbent methods to the more efficient digital approaches.

Operational Excellence

We offer consulting services as the first point of engagement in helping customers through the operational excellence journey. We leverage insights acquired from broad industries research to diagnose the customer’s business model for digital compliance level, uniqueness of value proposition, digital culture-fit and its leadership business goal.

Protection Assurance

Our protection assurance offers first articulate industry best practices for organizations seeking to secure immunity against cyber threat. There are certain fundamental investments organizations need to make to ensure safety of their digital assets

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